The brand

We offer brand studies when we need to check the brand’s position in the market, diagnose its condition, check the possible positioning and development directions i.e. for new SKUs. Besides the basic indicators, such as: recognition, usage, purchasing, in each brand study we also test the emotional context: how close is the brand to the consumer, what is its main message and how is it received, but also whether it is in line with the marketer’s assumptions.

For our brand studies we use unique and advanced qual-quant tools, but we also utilize different data sources i.e. content analysis from netdive ™ (what and how do the Internet users talk about the brand) and we refer to information from the syndicated studies we conduct – every perspective to see the brand is worth the attention. The brand studies conducted by IQS take on the form of a process that blends different research disciplines with a workshop together with the Client’s representatives.

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