Advertising / ad effectiveness

At IQS, we diagnose advertisements at different stages of their functioning: we help choose the action direction, by testing initial concepts and ideas for advertising in the form of animatic tests, we carry out in-depth analyses of finished ads, but we also test ad effectiveness and their impact on sales.

At the stage of concept diagnosis and verification, we use the AdWave ™ proprietary tool. The tool has an attractive interface, which makes filling out the survey easy and enjoyable for the respondents, it is technologically advanced, allowing for very precise measurements of response times, it studies the implicit emotional response to the ad, allows reaching the implicit message, whilst using intuitive, convenient and fully comprehensive scales. With AdWave™, our recommendations are based on top quality data and the accurate diagnoses help the clients make correct decisions. 

Effectiveness of a multi-channel broadcast advert is studied in a pre-test scheme (before the ad airs) and post-test (after the ad airs), verifying the impact of the campaign on such indicators as: brand awareness and image, purchase intent or brand consideration.

Online advertising is a distinctive area, the share of which is growing significantly and which is starting to play a more important role in reaching consumers than TV. For this reason, online advertising requires better and better performance measurements. At IQS, we rely on two proprietary tools: netEffect™ and ytEffect™. 

The task of netEffect is to measure the effectiveness of ads aired in the programmatic model. Based on passive data, we identify people in the panel that were exposed to the ad (exposed group) and people who had not seen the campaign (control), which allows not just to measure effectiveness on key indicators (awareness, consideration, image), but also analyses using variables describing the target recipients, which is not possible with classic Brand Lift measures.

A significant and dynamic part of online advertising is the influencer marketing. Up until now, watch time has been the measure of its performance. IQS is collaborating with Talent Media/ Life Tube to develop a tool for measuring YT channel efficacy, considering their impact on the attitudes/ emotions towards a brand. With this, we are able to gauge the efficacy of content marketing and help increase the impact.

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