The art of proper segmentation is about making the model fit reality, not the other way around. A signature sign of the segmentations developed by IQS is their usability and relevance to the needs of the brand/ category.

High loyalty categories require a different approach than categories where one person can be placed into multiple segments. When working on segmentation, we always ask ourselves “what differentiates”, or how to optimally divide the current, the potential brand/ category users, to transform the segmentation into strategies and specific actions matched to the logic of the segments identified. For this purpose, we use archetypes, needstates, key category drivers or we join multiple discriminants into sensible models. During the strategic workshops, we often stretch out the segments on two dimensions, to see how much we can realistically gain, vs. how difficult/ easy it may be to “win over” specific segments for the brand/category. It is our belief that the art of segmentation is not about dividing, but all about joining.

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