Product tests

Whenever a new product is to be launched or when the recipe of an existing product requires modification, it is worth checking what the consumers think and to what degree they accept the presented proposition.

Qualitative and quantitative tests of products are conducted at the homes of the respondents, as well as in specially prepared test facilities located across the whole country. The facilities are equipped with rooms where the respondents can freely express their opinions as well as kitchens that enable preparing products in a process similar to at-home conditions. Thanks to the base of benchmarks developed based on the results of hundreds of tests, we are able to provide information on whether and how a given product appeals to the consumers and we can assess its attractiveness compared to other products belonging to the same category.

The extensive experience of IQS enables better understanding of the results of the tests and the preparation of recommendations for product optimization directions that would sparking the highest interest of consumers. 

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