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Over 0,5 million
number of respondents

In 2016 we interviewed over 500 000 consumers, which gives us one of the top positions within the Polish research agencies.

2nd position cawi

Over 400 000 respondents interviewed with the CAWI method provides us with the second highest position in the ranking of Polish research companies in terms of respondents interviewed via internet.

1st position FGI

Over 5,200 respondents interviewed with the FGI, which provides us with the first position within the Polish research agencies rank in regard to the number of respondents interviewed using this method.

1st position Internet

In comparison to other Polish research agencies, we occupy the highest position in the ranking of research expenditures carried out via the Internet (panel, RTS, mailing).


As one of the TOP 10 research agencies in Poland we have been supporting our Clients in strategic and marketing processes for twenty years. We provide valuable business recommendations. Our research tools and products help the Clients to understand the market and their consumers within the changing competitive environment.

In our projects we combine modern, advanced technology with reliable, accurate research methodologies. Additional workshops with our Clients make an occasion to work out practical business indications..

Taking into account the Client’s problem we use IQS96, the fastest omnibus on the market, the modern research platform for online and offline surveys as well as compilations of qualitative (FGI, IDI) and quantitative research.

We also possess our own internet research panel It’s very often the case that our experience and the wide scope of tools we possess make it possible to use the maximum research abilities and as the result to effectively support the marketing processes for our Clients.

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