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Over 0,5 million
number of respondents

In 2016 we interviewed over 500 000 consumers, which gives us one of the top positions within the Polish research agencies.

2nd position cawi

Over 400 000 respondents interviewed with the CAWI method provides us with the second highest position in the ranking of Polish research companies in terms of respondents interviewed via internet.

1st position FGI

Over 5,200 respondents interviewed with the FGI, which provides us with the first position within the Polish research agencies rank in regard to the number of respondents interviewed using this method.

1st position Internet

In comparison to other Polish research agencies, we occupy the highest position in the ranking of research expenditures carried out via the Internet (panel, RTS, mailing).

„Market research in 2016, PTBRiO”

We specialise in…

We specialize first of all in research on such branches as FMCG, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals and Finance. Besides, we conduct projects for many other markets.



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84 000

IQS own CATI studio, Over 84 000 interviews, 50 fully computerized interviewing stations.

53 000

Over 53 000 interviews, over 270 modern netbooks in Poland, 32 central locations.


About 2000 FGI in Poland and e @FGI i @IDI, Weblog and other qual online.

We ensure…

Quantitative, qualitative, ethnographic and on-line research.

We have wide experience both in consumer research and in projects of ‘business to business’ type.

We develop original projects, which are to provide general knowledge of social and marketing character about children and young people.


The fastest online omnibus – IQS 96

Real time sampling (RTS) immediate and direct access to the Internet users.

We follow branch standards:

At IQS we do our best to take care of the highest quality at all stages of a research process. Therefore, it is with appropriate care that we follow professional and ethical standards

Europejskie Towarzystwo Badań Opinii i Rynku

Organizacja Firm Badania Opinii i Rynku

Programu Kontroli Jakości Pracy Ankieterów

We are part of…

MEDIACAP SA – currently the fastest developing, publicly quoted group offering services within the area of advertising, marketing, digital and data.